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For help or questions about the Online Account Request Form contact the Accounts Administrator at 817.735.2192 or

Password Information

Use the Account Management System (AMS) to make password changes.
The AMS web page is available for UNTHSC Students, Faculty, and Staff to change passwords, unlock accounts, and reset a forgotten password. The service is available on the Internet, 24 hours/day. Changing your password through AMS will change your HSC Network ID password, EIS password, UNTHSC Windows domain password, and Outlook password. It will not change your Nextgen password.

AMS Password Requirements

  • Minimum length: eight [8] characters
  • Maximum length: thirty [30] characters
  • Use upper-case [A-Z] letters
  • User lower-case [a-z] letters
  • Use digits [0-9]
  • Prohibited: backward slash [\]
  • Passwords should not include any part of your name
  • Passwords should not include your birthdate or social security number

Password Tips and Examples

  • Never give your password to anyone. If you feel your password has been compromised, change the password to something new immediately.
  • Never use personal information in your password. For example, don’t use your name, username, address, phone number, birthday, or social security number
  • Use memorable words in the password but substitute letters with numbers and special characters.  For Example: $urfb0ard – The word SURFBOARD with “$” in place of the letter “s” and the number “0” in place of the letter “o”
  • Combine easy to type and easy to remember combinations
  • Use mnemonic devices to remember your complex password

About Complex Passwords

Complex passwords are a necessity for basic computer and network security. In addition, passwords are critical in safeguarding personal information and protecting yourself from identity theft. A password’s strength increases with its length, complication of characters used and the frequency of changes. Be suspicious of anyone who asks for your password. Even computer support personnel do not need to know your password. Report problems to the IRT Helpdesk at 817.735.2192.

Passwords and Laptops

Caution to laptop users: When passwords are changed from a laptop not connected to the UNTHSC network, the old password will have to be used to log in to the laptop locally until the laptop is connected to the network again. After returning to campus, plug the laptop into a network jack and the passwords will synchronize so that the laptop will recognize the new password.

This page was last modified on January 4, 2016