Learning Objectives

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SAGE Student Learning Objectives

1. Strengthen the UNTHSC’s healthcare professions students’ medical education through increased development and competency in the attitudes, knowledge, and skills in the care of older adults. In this experience with their senior mentor healthcare professions’ students will be able to:

a) Obtain a medical history and mental status exam

b) Practice history and physical examination skills

c) Perform evaluations, assessments, advance care planning

d) Complete other assignments as assigned in their program

2. Strengthen healthcare professions’ medical education through an interprofessional team experience. Through this experience, students will:

a) Learn about, with, and from collaborating healthcare professionals

b) Work together as a team member with other healthcare professions

c) Appreciate the importance of an interprofessional team approach with older adults

SAGE Senior Mentor Learning Objectives

SAGE provides an opportunity for seniors to assist in healthcare professions’ students’ development of competency in attitudes, knowledge, and skills in their care of older adults. To ultimately impact the way future doctors and healthcare professions’ care for older adults. By participation in the SAGE program, senior mentors will assist in the geriatric education of healthcare professions’ students by:

a) Providing evaluative feedback on their experience with their assigned students

b) Participating in a program related to geriatric education; care-giver attitudes, knowledge, and skills; attitudes about medical professions; demographic and bio psychosocial factors and life-transition issues related to aging

c) Participate in scheduled SAGE visits and assignments with their assigned medical students

d) Provide demographic, bio-psychosocial, and life-transition information through written questionnaires, interviews, surveys, and or evaluations

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