Reynolds Interprofessional Geriatric Education and Training in Texas (IGET-IT)

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Next Steps Grant – Award #2

In 2013 another four-year $1 million grant award from the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation along with matching funds from University of North Texas Health Science Center (UNTHSC) Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine (TCOM) were received to support the Reynolds Interprofessional Geriatric Education and Training in Texas (IGET-IT) NEXT STEPS Program. This continuing research and experiential series for geriatric education will employ three major innovations under Janice Knebl D.O., MBA, Chief of the UNTHSC Geriatrics Service Line and principal investigator. Details on the innovations for the program follow:

Innovation I

Creation of an expanded Interprofessional SAGE program that will include the addition of University North Texas (UNT) System College of Pharmacy; Texas Christian University (TCU) Nursing, Social Work and Dietetics faculty and students, into the already participating TCOM faculty and medical students, and the UNTHSC School of Health Professions Physician Assistant and Physical Therapy faculty and students.

Innovation II

UNTHSC Reynolds IGET-IT will utilize the Interdisciplinary Senior Student Team Practicum Virtual Classroom developed by Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Donald W. Reynolds Interdisciplinary Partnership in Geriatric Education. The VCU model will guide development and implementation of the Interprofessional web-based Capstone (ITC) unfolding case experience for all of the senior UNTHSC Osteopathic Medical, Physical Therapy, and Physician Assistant students, UNT System College of Pharmacy students, and senior TCU Nursing, Social Work and Dietician students.

Innovation III

Reynolds IGET-IT Program will develop Interprofessional E-learning Modules in collaboration with the National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners (NBOME) for use by residents and practicing physicians. Reynolds IGET-IT will partner with NBOME’s learning platform, and an Interprofessional Committee of medical professions faculty to develop and deliver performance improvement modules for residents and practicing physicians. Once completed, the Interprofessional Communication Improvement Modules (ICIM) being developed will be available online.

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