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Information Technology Services (ITS) provides innovative and customer-focused information technology and services to advance UNTHSC’s strategic focus on People and Values, Learning and Discovery, Quality (outcomes and experience), and Growth and Finance. With continuous focus on improvement and lean methodology, ITS adds value to the institutions mission by contributing to “Be the team of choice for education, discovery and healthcare.” To learn more about services available from ITS and the Helpdesk, bookmark this page: https://www.unthsc.edu/academic-affairs/helpdesk/.

To ensure your first day at UNTHSC is productive, a local campus account with basic access has been created for you. This UNTHSC local campus account will have the same username (your EUID) and the same password that you have set by going to https://ams.unt.edu. Basic computer access includes the ability to login to a UNTHSC campus PC and a UNTHSC specific mailbox that can be used to conduct UNTHSC business.

Important: Your account is currently set to expire 30 days from your date of hire. You must complete the 2 items below in order to continue your computer and network access.

1. Information Security Training: required to be completed within 30 days of hire. To complete the Information Security Training, login with your EUID and password here: https://apps.unthsc.edu/compliance/Account/Login. If you have problems accessing the training, contact AccountsAdministrator@unthsc.edu for assistance.
2. Computer Account Request: You or your department (on your behalf) will need to submit a request for computer/network access within 30 days of hire. Visit https://apps.unthsc.edu/accounts to begin the process. An overview of the process can be found HERE. Detailed instructions can be found HERE.

For information about computer accounts, bookmark this page: https://www.unthsc.edu/academic-affairs/helpdesk/accounts-and-login/.

Your use of computer resources is governed by various institutional policies. Some of these are covered in the Information Security Training. To browse all policies, click here: https://app.unthsc.edu/policies.

This page was last modified on August 18, 2015