Faculty Grievance and Appeal Committee

Reporting Structure:  The faculty grievance and appeal committee shall report to the president through the provost.

Composition and Terms:  Faculty Bylaws Article XVIII Standing Committees, Section B.1

Responsibilities:  The committee shall receive written appeals from faculty members and conduct hearings, as described in Faculty Bylaws Article XII – Appeals; Article XIII – Faculty Misconduct and Article XV – Financial Exigency, as appropriate.

Minutes:  Copies of minutes of the meetings of this committee shall be available only to committee members, the appealing faculty member and the administrator whose decision was appealed.

Committee support:  Shay.Jenkins@unthsc.edu

Faculty Grievance and Appeal Committee FY18

Member Rank School Term Begins Term Expires
Lawrence Cohen, PharmD, Chair Professor  SCP  9/1/2017  8/31/2019
Lisa Hodge, PhD Associate Professor  GSBS  9/1/2016  8/31/2018
Vacant  GSBS  9/1/2017  8/31/2019
Jennifer Fix, PharmD Associate Professor  SCP  4/27/2017  8/31/2019
Katalin Prokai, PhD Associate Professor  SCP  9/1/2017  8/31/2019
Jessica Hartos, PhD Associate Professor  SHP  9/1/2016  8/31/2018
Howe Liu, MPT, PhD, MS, MD Professor  SHP  9/1/2016  8/31/2018
Harvey Brenner, PhD Professor  SPH  9/1/2017  8/31/2019
Thaddeus Miller, MPH, DrPH Associate Professor  SPH  9/1/2017  8/31/2019
James Hall, PhD, FABMP Professor  TCOM  4/27/2017  8/31/2019
Vicki Nejtek, PhD Associate Professor  TCOM  4/27/2017  8/31/2019
Alternate Members
Vacant  GSBS  8/31/2019
John Schetz, PhD Professor  GSBS  4/27/2017  8/31/2019
Ayyappa Chaturvedula, PhD Associate Professor  SCP  11/17/2017  8/31/2019
Vacant  SCP  8/31/2019
Kimberly Meyer, PhD, MPAS, PA-C Associate Professor  SHP  9/1/2016  8/31/2018
Myla Quiben, PT, PhD Associate Professor   SHP  9/1/2016  8/31/2018
Liam O’Neill, PhD Associate Professor  SPH  9/1/2017  8/31/2019
Rajesh Nandy, PhD Associate Professor  SPH  9/1/2017  8/31/2019
Tom Dombroski, DO Associate Professor  TCOM  4/27/2017  8/31/2019
Stephen Weis, DO Professor  TCOM  4/27/2017  8/31/2019



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