Annual Faculty Promotion and Tenure

The Annual Promotion and Tenure Review Process is initiated by the Provost in late summer before the beginning of the fiscal year. Deans and Department Chairs receive notification with the process instructions and Promotion and Tenure Process Timeline which is to be followed.

The names of all candidate(s) for promotion and/or tenure must be submitted to the Chair of the appropriate Promotion  and Tenure Committee and copy Chris Mason, Office of Faculty Affairs before the deadline date of Tuesday, September 3.

Applications Submissions

6.003 Faculty Tenure and Promotion

Promotion and Tenure Process Time Line 2019-2020

Annual Promotion and Tenure Packet Checklist

6.102 Regents and Emeritus Professor

Regents Professor Packet Checklist

Criteria for Promotion and Tenure

CV Format 

Top 10 Strategies for Preparing the Annual Tenure and Promotion Dossier


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