Electronic Engineering & Instrumentation

Welcprofile photoome to the Instrumentation Lab! We maintain and repair the older and out of warranty electronic equipment and instruments used in today’s research labs and clinics. Performing this service we save our customers a lot of money every year! As we all know, with costs so tight these days, this in-house service is required to keep everyone going as “low cost” as possible.

From Balances and Scales to Water Purification systems, we have experience repairing just about all of them. Before you send out something for repair, let us take a look at it first! Also, when you call me in an emergency, I can be there a lot quicker than an outside source.

Another part of our job duties have been to design and fabricate many special projects to facilitate researchers. Be it acrylic, metal, plastic or even creating test molds to save precious university money by making our own medical test pieces for the students in the MET building. We recreate items that would normally be repurchased on the outside costing $1000 versus my replacements for $60.00 ea. Saving money is what we are all about!

We have over 35 years of electronic and mechanical background experience and we want to help you in any way that I can. Just give us a call at 817-735-2614 or email me at: howard.trice@unthsc.edu.


Service Quantity Internal External Notes
 Estimates (per work request) Any $35.00 $70.00  Included in total charge if work is performed
 Fabrication, Repair, or Testing Per hour $35.00 $70.00  One hour minimum charge
 Rush Charges Per hour $15.00 $20.00  In addition to standard charges


This page was last modified on April 26, 2018