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The health science center’s Division of Student Affairs coordinates various services for students’ personal and academic needs. Student Affairs supports co-curricular and extra-curricular programming, activities and services to facilitate students’ academic training, professional growth and personal development.

The Division of Student Affairs strives to:

  • Manage student enrollment, such that recruitment, admission, retention and career development strategies result in graduates who portray those qualities important in the successful initiation of a professional career.
  • Support the institutional culture and climate to effectively promote the professional and personal learning and growth of students.
  • Support consistent development, creation and implementation of institutional policies and guidelines to promote student success.
  • Promote effective and timely communication that demonstrates a professional, caring, and supportive concern for prospective students, enrolled students and alumni.

Offices within the Division of Student Affairs include Student Affairs Administration, Career Services, Center for Academic Support,  Financial Aid Office, International Student Services, Office of Health Promotion, Office of the Registrar, Student Development, and Testing and Evaluation Services.


This page was last modified on December 5, 2018