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provides quality computer and telecommunication services to the health science center.

Administrative Systems and Programming supports the institutional Student Information System (SCT Banner) and designs and implements special purpose systems and programs for fiscal and academic administrative areas of the institution. This division is actively involved in the migration of administrative systems to PeopleSoft in collaboration with their counterparts at the University of North Texas.

Computer Operations and Client Support is responsible for the design, installation and maintenance of the local-area network (LAN) on campus, supports a wide-area network (WAN) for our clinics. This group also provides support for health science center participation in multiple WANs providing connectivity for educational and business purposes. Internet access and email are provided to all network users, including wireless access to the network in the library. Remote access is provided by dialup and Virtual Private Networking. This division sets standards and provides consultation and user assistance to computer users about hardware and software use, communications, printing and information resource purchases.

Web Services provides a wide range of web design and web hosting services. This group is responsible for the design and maintenance of the institutional website infrastructure, courses website, students website, and the intranet website. They also have oversight authority with all other institutional website providers to insure that State of Texas and federal requirements are met, including improving accessibility and security. All vendors providing web services to the campus interact and are guided by this group.

Telecommunication Services operates and maintains the campus-wide telephone system with state-of-the-art equipment and software, and maintains and produces an in-house telephone directory online for faculty and staff. This division also manages the telephone voice mail system, as well as all pagers and answering services, and advises users about cellular telephones. The division is responsible for submitting the Yellow Pages and White Pages information to appropriate telephone companies.

Records Management maintains a program for the economical and efficient management of institutional records. This division is responsible for the preparation and maintenance of the records-retention schedule and approves all requests for the disposal of state records. In addition, they maintain a complete database of all archived records and provide inexpensive ‘shredding’ service to departments.

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