D.O./M.P.H. Training Program

The D.O./M.P.H. dual degree program provides clinical professionals specialized public health training to develop, integrate, and apply culturally competent social, psychological, and biomedical approaches to the promotion and preservation of health.

It is designed so that the requisite requirements could be completed during the four years of medical education if the student takes summer courses and is enrolled in the M.P.H. evening courses. Students are strongly encouraged to take 12 semester credit hours of graduate courses the summer before matriculation in the medical curriculum. Students who begin both graduate and medical coursework in the fall must devote the entire summer of the first academic year to graduate studies, in addition to evening classes. Students may also elect to complete the D.O./M.P.H. in five years, taking an additional year to complete the M.P.H. requirements. This year is typically between the second and third years of the medical curriculum.

Please call the School of Public Health admissions office at (817) 735-2401 for more information.

This page was last modified on May 23, 2017