Speedgrader User Interface Update and Excluding Assignments

Faculty and staff, a minor update will be made to Canvas’ Speedgrader interface on Saturday, August 6, 2016. The interface update does not change functionality of Speedgrader. You will also be able to exclude assignments from a student’s final grade when creating an assignment and save comments as drafts in Speedgrader. View the full release notes for further instructions on how to exclude an assignment from the Final Grade.

User Interface

In SpeedGrader, the primary navigation buttons (the drop-down list of students) will moved to the right side of your screen to be more closely aligned with the most frequently used features of SpeedGrader. Navigating from student to student is now located directly above the sidebar. Click the visuals below to enlarge.

The less frequently used navigation buttons have been moved to the left side of the menu bar: return to the Gradebook, mute the assignment, view keyboard shortcuts, view the help menu, and change Gradebook settings.


Old Interface


New Interface



Icon/Link Updates

Use the above image for the below descriptions.

  1. The gear icon will launch gradebook settings.
  2. The question mark icon will launch the Canvas Help options.
  3. The keyboard shortcut icon will launch information for keyboard shortcuts.
  4. The speaker icon will mute the current assignment.
  5. The A+ book icon will return you to the main Gradebook.

This page was last modified on December 3, 2018