National Research Mentoring Network STAR Fellowship

img_4951The NRMN STAR Program focuses on grantsmanship and professional development:

Through an initiative funded by NIH, the National Research Mentoring Network (NRMN) was established to provide opportunities for mentees across career stages to find culturally competent mentors and engage in productive, supportive mentoring relationships.

NRMN STAR is one of four professional development-training programs offered through the NRMN professional development core that is committed to increasing the number of underserved, including underrepresented populations, successfully obtaining NIH grants. Recognizing the difficulty for junior faculty to accept a summer-long fellowship which would require an extended absence from home and family, NRMN STAR provides a year-long schedule. The program provides a unique approach that combines on-site professional development and education with distance learning techniques that include on-line digital meetings, and “store and forward” technology.

Anticipated program success is expected to increase the number and proportion of:

  1. Applications submitted by and awarded to URMs under various NIH grant mechanisms.
  2. Publications authored in peer-reviewed journals.
  3. Diverse populations promoted and tenured in research tracks.
  4. Underrepresented populations participating in the NIH grant review process.
  5. Underrepresented populations participating in the peer review process for scientific journals.
  6. Underrepresented populations serving in research leadership positions at their institutions or professional organizations.

At the conclusion of this initiative, a diverse cadre of early-stage faculty will have achieved greater success in securing external sponsorship of their research, in transitioning to independent research careers, and in turn mentoring their younger counterparts.

Who Should Apply


  1. Postdoctoral fellows or junior faculty from a diverse background
  2. Those with sincere interest in establishing a research career and committing to a yearlong training program
  3. Those with limited professional development experiences
  4. Those expressing a need for mentoring

**Although NRMN supports the training and career development of individuals from groups identified by the NIH as underrepresented in biomedical, behavioral, clinical, and social science research careers, eligibility to participate is open to all individuals who meet the program eligibility criteria, and is not limited to individuals who belong to an underrepresented group.

Coaches in Training

  • Sufficient success with writing NIH proposals
  • Preferably, experience serving on NIH study sections for review of research and/or individual training awards
  • Skills in group facilitation and drawing out others’ input on drafts
  • Willingness to learn and apply the writing and mentoring strategies put forth by the NRMN STAR model
  • Commitment to assisting early-stage biomedical researchers with securing sponsored research funding to advance their research careers
  • Willingness to engage mentees regularly through 1-year trainee program

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