Digital Copyright, P2P, and File Sharing

Do you want to use a digital image, song, or video, but aren’t sure if it is copyright protected? Do you use peer-to-peer file sharing software to download or share music and videos? Have you received a notice telling you to remove copyrighted files because of alleged infringement under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), but you don’t know what that means? These pages can help you get answers to these and similar questions about digital copyright, file sharing, DMCA notification procedures, and what you should do to remain in compliance with copyright laws.

UNT Health Science Center’s policies prohibit the use of the University’s network for the unauthorized duplication, use, or distribution of copyrighted digital materials, regardless of the method employed (e.g., web pages, email, etc. P2P file sharing is prohibited on the campus network.) You must have fair use rights or authorization from the copyright holder for any material you use, make available, or share over the campus network. These and other university policies demonstrate the University’s commitment to compliance with the requirements of various federal copyright laws and the associated legal responsibilities of the University in this regard. UNTHSC complies with all copyright law and the following campus policies:

Acceptable Electronic Communications Use Policy

Copyright Compliance: Photocopying for classroom, research and Library use & Recording of presentations for distribution

Please read on to learn more about unauthorized file sharing, copyright infringement notification processes, and legal options for obtaining music and videos via the Internet.

Notice to Students Regarding Illegal File Sharing

Legal Options for Enjoying Digital Music and Video

Copyright Law

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (October 1998)
Full text of the Act located on file with the Library of Congress

No Electronic Theft Act (LaMacchia Bill)
Full text of the Act located on file with the Library of Congress

Copyright Act of 1976, as Amended (1994)
Located on file with the Cornell University Law School

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