Cara Fisher

Cara L. Fisher, Ph.D.Fisher

Center for Anatomical Sciences
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
University of North Texas Health Science Center
Ft. Worth, TX 76107


Ph.D. Biomedical Sciences. University of North Texas HSC (2018).

M.S. Clinical Anatomy. Creighton University (2002).

B.S. Health Promotion. Walla Walla University (1998).


Curriculum Vitae


At UNTHSC, I serve as the course director for the MPAS 5401 (Physician Assistant) gross anatomy course.  I am also a lecturer and laboratory instructor for dissection-based anatomy courses for first-year medical, physical therapy and graduate students, and mentor advanced medical and graduate students in elective dissection courses.

Courses Taught

DPHT 7400: Clinical Anatomy (physical therapy students).
MPAS 5401: Clinical Anatomy (physician assistant students).
MEDE 7811: Musculoskeletal and Skin Systems 1 (medical students).
MEDE 7812: Nervous System 1 (medical students).
MEDE 7615: Cardiopulmonary System 1 (medical students).
MEDE 7611: Gastrointestinal & Renal Systems 1 (medical students).
MEDE 7715: Reproductive & Endocrine Systems 1 (medical students).
SARS 5401: Structural Anatomy (graduate students).



I am heavily involved with outreach programs supported by the Center for Anatomical Sciences, including the UNTHSC Anatomy Pre-matriculation Workshop and directorship of the Texas Academy of Biomedical Sciences (TABS) Summer Bridge Program. These programs are designed to get K-12 and college students interested in science and medicine as future career choices by exposing them to the unique opportunities found in medical and/or graduate school.



I recently completed my Ph.D. in the Structural Anatomy and Rehabilitation Sciences graduate program at UNTHSC.  My doctoral research focused on lower limb biomechanics with an emphasis on the etiology, diagnosis, and rehabilitation of syndesmotic ankle injuries.


Selected Publications

Cromeens B, Kirchhoff C, Patterson R, Motley T, Stewart D, Fisher C, Reeves, R. 2015.  An Attachment Based Description of The Medial Collateral and Spring Ligament Complexes. Foot and Ankle International. 36: 710-721.

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Kauffman, TH., Borman W, Fisher C, Olinger O.  2013. Variation of the Radial Nerve, Ulnar Nerve and Axillary Nerve in Innervation of the Triceps Brachii. Clinical Anatomy. 26: 1036-1062.

Cromeens BP, Fisher C, Sheedlo HJ, Reeves RE. 2010. Ligament and Articular Surface Anatomic Variability in the Hindfoot. Clinical Anatomy. 23:1005-1040.

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