Protocol Essentials

What is Protocol?

 To know the difference between protocol and etiquette is to recognize how the two meld together and support each other like the term “art + science”.

Protocol “The Science”- The official procedure governing affairs of state or diplomatic occasions. The established code of procedure or behavior in any group or organization in a particular situation.

Etiquette “The Art”- The rules and conventions governing correct or polite behavior in society in general, or in a particular social or professional group or situation.

-Protocol School of Washington


When do you need protocol help?

Anytime  You:

Have a foreign guest coming to our campus

Collaborate with foreign universities or businesses to create a MOU

Plan a trip, for the university, outside the US

Plan to invite an elected official or military guest to campus or to a UNTHSC event

Plan to Invite one of the board of regents to campus or to a UNTHSC event


What can the Special Events Office provide?

I can provide you with a protocol sheet for your specific situation including:

Appropriate communications, greetings, title use

Appropriate dress

Business etiquette

Suggested gifts

Suggestions for tours

Information on cultural taboos

Assistance with a precedence list


My goal is to give you the tools to create a successful and memorable experience for our guests. The common behaviors and courtesies here often don’t translate to other cultures. Ultimately, it is about respect and honor. We may be offending people accidentally. People take pride in their status, title, accomplishments and their culture. We want to honor those people; treating them accordingly is important. It can make or break partnerships. Providing the right environment is our responsibility. We do this by being informed, considerate and thoughtful. Each guest is an opportunity to highlight all the things that make us proud to be part of the UNTHSC team and part of the community of Fort Worth.


for assistance contact:  Shea Patterson Young or 817-735-0301