Contact Information

Gibson D. Lewis Library, Suite 108
955 Montgomery St
Fort Worth, TX, 76107
Telecom Office Main: 817-735-2595


The mission of the Telecommunication division is to provide telecommunication management and services (as appropriate) to faculty, staff, students, patients and the general public; provide technical guidance and support for telecommunication programs; provide end-user training and to assistance in the use of telecommunication products throughout UNT Health Science Center.

Major Functions

  • Coordinate and advise all departments on current telecommunications technologies and needs.
  • Plan, coordinate and perform all telephone service adds, moves, and changes at all UNTHSC facilities.
  • Process and produce telecommunications services (telephones, cellular services, pagers) for each department.
  • Administer and coordinate pager services including activations, exchanging non-working pagers, terminating service on rentals, spare pagers and parts for minor repairs.
  • Administer and coordinate HSC approved, paid and supported cellular/wireless telephone and laptop internet air cards including activations, deactivations, support, accessories, and billing.
  • Review and process the main campus telephone bill for all UNTHSC departments
  • Review and process all billing for phone lines, circuits, conference bridges, pagers and cell phones from various Telecom carriers.
  • Provide telephone, voice mail, cellular services and pager training to UNTHSC employees.
  • Provide system administration for the main HSC telephone system. This includes support and maintenance of system software and hardware.
  • Administer and coordinate voice mail services for HSC main campus which includes all adds, changes, training and maintenance.
  • Administer and coordinate Automatic Call Distribution services for the HSC main campus which includes management, service and support for ACD software and hardware.

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