Product Development and Engineering

Our services

Pre-project consulting

Do you have a unique business idea or grant opportunity you are pursuing on behalf of UNTHSC? Will your project benefit from a custom software application? Our team would love to help. We can give you early feedback about the technology aspects of your idea, your plan and your budget.

  • Refine your Idea¬†– We’ll ask a lot of in-depth questions and help you re-evaluate your assumptions and explore alternatives.
  • Budget and Plan¬†– We’ll help you set a responsible budget. Then we’ll create a broad plan for finishing the project, and we’ll help you put together a proposal.

Project research, design and planning

Your software project starts long before we write any code. Starting a software project involves the larger process of learning about your business, goals, potential users, risks and opportunities. We can do this collaboratively through discussion, sketching out work-flows and deciding on features. We can help you prioritize these features into a Product Map, set milestones, create a high level task backlog, refine the budget and project schedule. All these items will make up your preliminary plan, which will guide you through to the next phase.

Project development

Armed with the preliminary plan, we’ll start creating software in iterations – two week cycles of creation and refinement. We strive to build your product incrementally, one fully-tested and fleshed-out feature at a time instead of creating many incomplete features all at once.

Support and maintenance

When your product is ready, our Engineering team helps you bring it to the world. We will consult with you to determine whether it should be hosted in our local data-center or the cloud. Launching your first release is really just starting another phase. There’s a lot to learn – how are people using the product? Are there improvements that are needed? What new features would improve the product? We can help you decipher all of this feedback and lay out a plan for future releases.

Agile development

Project planning

The beginning of every project starts simply with an wish or a need. We will work with you to foster your ideas and transform them into a useful web application.We have experienced project leads that can walk with you through your needs, wants, and wish upon a star hopes for your project.


Once your idea is put into motion by our team, you will get production ready increments in two week intervals.What does this mean? This means that you will see features that are viewable and testable and ready to use every two weeks. You will be able to give input on what looks good and what isn’t quite right from the development’s beginning.

Finished product

A finished product means a product that has been thoroughly planned, developed, security tested, and approved by you all throughout the process.Our goal is to create beautiful, functional, and most importantly useful applications for our customers.