Report Incident – Service Requests

Report an Incident

Login Issues

Having problems logging into UNTHSC applications?

Password Reset

Unable to reset your password?

Compromised Credentials

Have you or a colleague had their username and password compromised?


Service Requests

Create Third Party User Account(Non-HR Employee/Faculty)

Request an EUID for a third-party user such as a contractor, vendor, visiting scholar, volunteer, adjunct faculty, etc.

Modify a Security Group (Add/Remove Users)

Security groups may establish roles and control access within applications, file shares.  Use this request to modify these permissions or file share access.

Access another User/Resource’s Account(Mailbox/Onedrive)

Use this request to request access to another user’s mailbox, Onedrive, or workstation(post termination) or to request permissions to a resource mailbox such as a departmental email account.

Create Resource/Shared(Departmental) Mailbox

This requests is used to create shared mailboxes such as Rooms, Resources, and Departmental mailboxes.

Modify a Distribution List(Add/Remove Users)

Use this request to modify the membership of an enterprise managed email distribution list.

Privileged Access to Directory App (EMPLID’s)

This request allows the requester to view EMPLID’s in the Faculty/staff Directory web application.  this request must be approved by Human resources

Guest WiFi access

Use this to request accounts for the guest wifi network for short-term individual access or for specific UNTHSC hosted events.

Convert Departmental Mailbox to Shared Mailbox

Request that a departmental mailbox created as a user mailbox be converted to a shared mailbox.


This page was last modified on October 15, 2019