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Student Health Insurance Information

Healthcare and Medical Insurance in the U.S. can be complicated, confusing to navigate and very expensive. It will most likely be very different from your home country healthcare.  We highly encourage you to watch this short video about the Overview of the US Healthcare System for International Students.  It not only offers great tips about what you can do BEFORE you arrive in the U.S. to help you maintain great health but a general overview to help you navigate medical issues during your time in the U.S.


All international students have a charge for insurance on the tuition bill.  International students in Clinical Programs (DO, PA, DPT, Pharmacy) are enrolled in the annual plan. International students in GSBS and SPH are required to re-enroll each long semester (Fall and Spring). The current pricing guide can be found HERE.  NOTE:  Students who take no action (Waiver or Acceptance) WILL be charged a non-refundable premium and enrolled in the school-sponsored policy for the remainder of the academic year.

To expedite access to the school-sponsored insurance, you need to ACCEPT enrollment.  Once accepted, your coverage is effective as of the appropriate policy/semester start date.


*Enter your 8-digit student ID number and Date of Birth
*Confirm the demographic data is correct or add missing data
*Make sure 2016-203098-4 is your selected plan
*Check the box and confirm the cost of coverage.  You are not being charged again, just confirming that you know the cost.


*To review policy documents and setup your MyAccount

Go to

Click –“Create an account” in the green box to setup your online account.  This will allow access to your insurance card.


Waivers will be accepted through the 12th class day (Census Day). You may waive the coverage ONLY if your current coverage meets the following guidelines.

  • Have a government-sponsored insurance plan provided by your home government that is funding your tuition and cost of living while attending UNTHSC
  • Have a health insurance coverage through a U.S. employer group policy OR be a dependent on a spouse or family member’s policy through a U.S. employer group
  • Insurance policy written in English
  • Repatriation insurance coverage of at least $10,000*
  • Evacuation insurance coverage of at least $7,500*

*Medical Evacuation provides you with transportation services in case you need to be evacuated to the nearest qualified medical facility, not necessarily to your home country. In some cases, the plan will bring you home once stabilized. Repatriation of Remains benefit is designed to cover the costs associated with returning your body to your home country if you were to pass away. ALL NON-IMMIGRANT VISA HOLDERS ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE THIS COVERAGE. If your plan does not include repatriation and evacuation but meets all other criteria, a separate policy covering repatriation insurance may be  purchased.

Waivers will only be accepted through the Census Day (12th class day)for GSBS and SPH students.


*Enter your 8-digit student ID number and Date of Birth
*Using your current insurance card, enter the required information and submit.

*Your waiver will go into pending status to be reviewed by International Services.  Other required documentation will be in the confirmation email you receive when submitting your waiver.

*Approved waivers allow the insurance charge to be removed from your tuition bill.  Allow 5-7 business days for posting of accepted waivers.

Waivers will be accepted through the Census Day (12th class day)  January 25, 2017 for GSBS and SPH

For more information, visit the Student Affairs site.  More questions?  Email Include your full name, student ID and in which program you are enrolled.

This page was last modified on January 6, 2017