Employee Benefits Action Committee

Did you know?

……….that employees may participate in planned “Health Saver” programs?  Employees are eligible, with supervisor approval and employee’s meeting policy stipulations, for up to 90 minutes per week for exercise activities.  See Institutional General Policies (14.0), for further information.

EBAC meets to provide representation for employees in matters of employee benefits, review current employee benefits and recommend changes or additions to employee benefits, and explore, develop and recommend positive ideas and actions on behalf of all employees at the Health Science Center.

The committee is comprised of fifteen members, elected by UNT Health Science Center faculty and staff.

The 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 9:00 a.m. Visitors are always welcome!

Our upcoming events will include:

Halloween pumpkin decoration contest. All departments are eligible to enter – contestants must have a photo including the name of the department and the date of the entry in view of the picture to be a valid entry. Pictures can be submitted to EBAC@unthsc.edu to be submitted for an open vote.

1st place will be awarded a pizza party for the winning department

2nd place will be awarded a donut party for the winning department

3rd place will be awarded bags of candy for each member of the winning department

King & Queen Costume Contest: Photos of your halloween costume can be sent in to EBAC@unthsc.edu and must include a picture with your name, the date of the photo being taken, and “EBAC Entry” at the top. All submissions will be posted for open vote and man and woman with the most votes will be crowned the winner and awarded a $25 gift card.

The Annual Craft Fair Date will be on Monday, December 2nd in the EAD Atrium. Booth applications will be given preferences to UNTHSC Employees and members of their family, followed by the general public. More information on the cost of the booths and the deadline for the application submission will be posted soon.

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